Your Mortgage Matters

July 28, 2022

When we say we are full-service, we are talking beyond the transaction. Customers come to us ready to buy and others approach us not sure if they can afford a home asking for guidance to help them get there. And we do. Sometimes it takes a few years, but we see them to the closing table.

Success for us means to getting to know you, your family and finding out how to make the loan process as smooth as possible. We end up with relationships past the closing table and meet again for future homes or refinances. Our Realtors, builders and other referral partners appreciate our way of doing business because it reflects well for all of us. And that is what we mean by full-service.

Licensed Branch Managers Tara Purvis, Chris Alvarado and Mark Junod each share truly inspirational and knowledgeable information on how our full-service philosophy has made a difference.

Why stay in the know about the mortgage industry?

It could make a difference in getting the home of your dreams with a quick close
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