We Are Saving More Loans That Were Turned Away

August 2, 2022

We don't mind being known as deal savers, but we should be known as the lender to call first! Why? Because we have loan options some banks and other lenders don't have. If they get through the loan process and hit a roadblock, they can only continue to help if they have the right mortgage products to fix the challenge. Many times that loan is brought to us by a Realtor who needs us to save it - often with only a few days to spare before it needs to close.

Common Fall-Out Scenarios:
  • Self-employed borrowers who take write-offs and can't use their tax returns to qualify for a home they can afford.
  • Non-warrantable condos. We accept them - Fannie and Freddie do not.
  • A foreclosure or bankruptcy that occurred less than seven years ago.
  • Declining income over the past 2-3 years. Did you know we have a one-year tax return program with our Platinum Jumbo program?
  • Self-employed borrowers who have owned their own business for less than 2 years can have a problem qualifying. We can qualify using assets for those who are eligible.

These are just a few that we are able to save. Avoid the frustration and call Angel Oak Home Loans from the beginning. We will listen, find out what you are eligible to receive, and close your loan as quickly as possible.

We Are Here To Walk You Through The Process Every Step Of The Way!

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