Sell More Homes To Non-QM Homebuyers!

August 30, 2022

We can help you promote yourself to a larger pool of homebuyers! Have you thought about marketing just to a specific group of customers, for example, self-employed or real estate investors? When we look at the Angel OakHome Loans' recently closed loans, non-QM Bank Statement loans for self-employed and Investor Cash Flow loans for real estate investors make up a significant share of our volume. That means that there are Realtors out there earning commissions selling homes to self-employed and real estate investors. 

Try promoting yourself as a full-service Realtor specializing in helping self-employed and real estate investors purchase homes. We can walk you through each loan product and give you tips on how to market to both groups of homebuyers. In addition, check out our Resource Page on the website. There you will find information on our non-QM loans and the types of borrowers that need them. Make sure to reference Mortgages For Self-Employed Borrowers: The Complete Guide.

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