Five Ways To Make Your Home Worth More!

July 26, 2022

First impressions are everything! If you are thinking of selling your home, it is always a good idea to make it look as attractive as possible in order to increase the value of your home. Below are some great tips that might help:

#1 Freshen-Up The Siding

Replacing the siding will add value to your home. You don’t want your home to look like a fixer-upper or set the tone for expectations of what potential buyers will find inside the house, just because your siding is in bad shape. Try adding curb appeal and lower maintenance with composite siding. Cement board siding is efficient, it lasts, and it's no maintenance.

#2 Time To Paint

Don't be afraid to paint. It is one of the easiest and an inexpensive thing to do to dramatically change the look of your home. Think classic and neutral. A future buyer needs to be able to picture his or her things in the room, and too much personalization can prevent that. If your painting skills are below par, hire someone. Don’t be shy, splash a little color on those walls!

#3: Bath Renovation

Transform an ugly duckling into a swan of the main bath by finding more square footage. Open up a closet to make more room, create separate his-and-her areas with separate sinks, or add a skylight to bring in valuable natural light. Updating the tub and tile are also good ideas.

#4: Flexible Space

Does your home have a unique specialty room? Too much customization can be a problem if you ever plan to sell your home, so try not to overdo it. Things like hardwood floors, wiring for cable, phone and DSL, and plenty of windows are good ways to customize while keeping the room versatile. Another idea is to make the space one that can easily be converted into a guest suite, studio, family room, or den.

#5: Spruce Up The Landscaping

Your yard may be thirsty for a makeover. Turn your desert landscape into a destination hot spot with plenty of seating, elegant water features and lush plants. You could even add extra square footage for entertaining. Even if you're not in a warm climate, glamming up a not-so-hot yard is a good way to go!

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