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March Angel Oak Home Loans Employee Spotlight: Richard Staley

Chief Production Officer offers his perspective on the mortgage origination industry and the future of Angel Oak Home Loans

March 17, 2015

Richard Staley, Chief Production Officer at Angel Oak Home Loans LLC, excelled in the numerous roles he’s held in the mortgage origination industry over the past 26 years. Named #1 top producer at HomeBanc in 1994, experienced in opening new market centers, and having served as Director of Sales at CBC National Bank, Richard Staley brings 20 years of sales experience and billions of dollars of production experience to Angel Oak. Today he takes time to offer his perspective on the mortgage origination industry and the future of Angel Oak Home Loans.

Q: What would you say sets Angel Oak Home Loans apart from its competitors?

A: Opportunity and our client experience. Angel Oak is extremely well-managed and entrepreneurial, allowing us to take advantage of situations other mortgage lenders and banks would have to pass over, to their own loss. The company was founded upon the idea that a variety of our borrowers would require a variety of mortgage products, and so we tailored our products each to fit the needs of its consumer, many of whom ended up completely ignored in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis. Delivering a world class client experience also remains one of our highest priorities and differentiators, offering a quick turnaround on the mortgage process and ensuring the needs we wholly meet the needs of our clients. 98% of our clients are likely to refer us to their friends – something we are proud to boast.

Q: What are some of your proudest achievements so far as part of the Angel Oak Home Loans team?

A: As far as my career and Angel Oak, I’m proud to have contributed to our client experience processes, and actively growing our company. Angel Oak continues to offer truly competitive, specialized products such as Performance Jumbo, our jumbo mortgage loan product, FHA and VA mortgage loans for veterans and those with low down payments, and Home$ense, offering to those caught in bad spot in the 2007-2008 crunch the chance to once again own their own homes. It makes me proud to know we stepped in to help many good and credit-worthy people who were denied assistance by traditional mortgage lenders at the time they most needed it.

Q: What do you see in the future for Angel Oak Home Loans?

A: We’re always looking for new ways to serve our clients, adapting to changing market conditions to offer specialized new products and ensuring the best possible experience for clients. The mortgage origination industry is in full bloom, giving us plentiful opportunities to serve a range of different needs. One of the challenges any aggressively expanding mortgage firm faces is retaining a high level of quality service, but with a combination of industry-leading training, a compassionate company culture, and uncompromising standards in mortgage career recruitment, we are able to pick the best and the brightest looking for a mortgage career in Atlanta and nationwide.

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of the mortgage origination business?

A: As time goes on, we’ll undoubtedly see increases in first time homeowners, as homeownership is at an all-time low for Americans under the age of 35. Once a low like that is reached, there’s only one direction things can go, and we look forward to being a part of that change, especially as Millennials face hurdles with bigger bank lenders. Additionally, I think the future of mortgage origination will increasingly depend upon quality, delivering an industry leading client experience, and convenience, as those principles are becoming increasingly valued in the modern world.

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