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Expansion of Angel Oak Home Loans LLC Mortgage Licensed Footprint

Angel Oak Home Loans, a mortgage lender in Atlanta is expanding mortgage programs in Georgia, California, North Carolina, Florida and Louisiana.

February 10, 2015

Angel Oak Home Loans LLC is continuing the expansion of its licensed and projected footprint, allowing for an increase in opportunities for both investors and homebuyers. Angel Oak Home Loans, a retail mortgage lender located in the financial district of Atlanta is currently licensed in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Colorado, Arizona and California, and offers a variety of unique mortgage loan programs including Home$ense, Portfolio Select, and Performance Jumbo.

Angel Oak’s Performance Jumbo loan program, a program of aggressively priced 30 year fixed jumbo mortgage loans, is one of the most popular Angel Oak Home Loans programs, allowing for those with high credit quality to receive mortgages above conventional loan limits. Angel Oak’s Jumbo Mortgage Program Atlanta, Angel Oak Jumbo Mortgage Program North Carolina, Angel Oak Jumbo Programs in Irvine and Dana Point continue to become fast-growing markets for homebuyers.

With the recent increase in mortgage programs for first time homebuyers, and even mortgage programs for home buyers with bad credit, Angel Oak Home Loans mortgage lending programs have provided more people opportunity than ever before. The Angel Oak Home$ense program is a specially designed mortgage program for people with lower FICO scores, and provides mortgages for homes recently in foreclosure or short-sale.

Angel Oak Home Loans has licensed footprint across a variety of key states and is projecting licensee footprint in additional states this year. New locations are now licensed in to offer Angel Oak mortgages in New Orleans, LA and Chicago, IL. Branches offering Angel Oak Home Loans products are coming soon to offer mortgage programs in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Angel Oak Home Loans national expansion increases the number of branches across the country, allowing Angel Oak Home Loans to offer its products and availability to a wider range of audiences across the United States while utilizing its expertise in areas such as Jumbo mortgage programs, mortgages for bad credit, portfolio select, foreclosed property, Home$ense, and the Angel Oak Home Loans program.

Angel Oak Home Loans is a full-service mortgage retail lender. Our company provides home loans offerings for a variety of circumstances and situations. Please contact us to find out what Angel Oak Home Loans mortgage programs are available in your area.


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