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Angel Oak Home Loans Leading Performance Jumbo New Mortgage Originations

Great mortgage options for homebuyers needing a home loan beyond conventional limits

February 25, 2015

Atlanta-based Angel Oaks Home Loans LLC is dedicated to providing a broad range of unique mortgage programs designed to meet the changing needs of today’s new homeowners and real estate investors. One leading mortgage loan program offered is the Performance Jumbo home loan program.

Angel Oak’s Performance Jumbo home loan program offers an aggressively priced 3-year fixed traditional in-house Jumbo mortgage loan product for first-time homeowners and second home buyers with loan amounts up to 2 million dollars. Jumbo home loans allow buyers with high credit quality to obtain mortgages larger than conventional loan conforming limits, and are offered as fixed rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, and interest only mortgages. Interest only jumbo mortgages offer opportunity to borrowers with irregular cash flows, borrowers looking to reap tax benefits, and individuals freeing up cash for investment opportunities to obtain mortgages for investment properties. With Angel Oak Home Loans interest-only mortgages, 5, 7, and 10-year ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) options are available for primary and second homes, with loan amounts up to three million dollars and 70% LTV up to one million dollars.

Investor Cash Flow allows real estate investors to build and expand their real estate investment portfolios, meaning investors with credit scores as low as 660 are able to buy additional properties with loans of up to one million dollars. With Angel Oak Home Loans Investor Cash Flow, there is no limit on the total number of properties.

Through the variety of investment property mortgages Angel Oak Home Loans offers, otherwise unqualified individuals and investors with poor credit may be able to find a mortgage solution working for them, and qualified prospective homeowners with good credit are able to obtain the larger jumbo mortgages on loans desired, greater than conventional mortgage loan limits would allow for. Angel Oak Home Loans is a mortgage lender and mortgage company pleased to offer and create new home mortgage solutions for a new generation of home owners and borrowers.

Angel Oak Home Loans is a full-service mortgage retail lender. Our company provides a range of home loans offerings for a variety of circumstances and situations. Please contact us to find out what Angel Oak Home Loans mortgage programs are available in your area.

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